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03 Apr 2020

Can You Smell That?

Can You Smell That? “data-newsletterpromo-image=”https://static.scientificamerican.com/sciam/cache/file/458BF87F-514B-44EE-B87F5D531772CF83_source.png”data-newsletterpromo-button-text=”Sign Up”data-newsletterpromo-button-link=”https://www.scientificamerican.com/page/newsletter-sign-up/?origincode=2018_sciam_ArticlePromo_NewsletterSignUp”name=”articleBody” itemprop=”articleBody”> Neuroscientist Leslie Vosshall and sensory psychologist Avery Gilbert illuminate the way we perceive smells genetically along with culturally. The odor hit me just like blonde hungarian men a punch within the teeth. Staggering, I attempted to create feeling of the pungent, salty, very nearly sweet smell. It had been undoubtedly unpleasant, but in addition curiously interesting. The thing that was this? The offending waft originated from a molecule that is single in a […]