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25 May 2020

{Are You A Polymath? Do You Know One? Have You Studied More Than One Subject To Degree Level?|Polymath Network On Token Daily|Proficient In A Range Of Topics, Polymaths Are Overlooked As Often As They Are Celebrated|The Digital Polymath|Leonardo Da Vinci

Polymath Artworks Periods Quotes On View News Vide Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication Art Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned. Learning Never Exhausts The Mind. The Smallest Feline Is A Masterpiece. Water Is The Driving Force Of All Nature. He Who Does Not Punish Evil, Commands It To Be Done. The Noblest Pleasure Is The Joy Of Understanding. Nothing Strengthens Authority So Much As Silence. There Are Three Classes Of People|Iwtl How To Be A Polymath|Is Modern Day ‘polymath’ Status Achievable?|Dealing […]